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The Health Ministry is bringing God's hope that heals. 

Christ's Ministry on earth was caring for the whole person physically and emotionally.  John Wesley, founder of the Methodist Church believed in promoting and providing care for the body as well as the mind and spirit.  In an effort to unite physical health with spiritual health, the CUMC Health Ministry Team strives to provide education, support, and encouragement as an expression of God's Love.   Every two months, the CUMC Health Ministry introduces a new health topic.

The Health Ministry Team would like to let the congregation know of changes for 2020 for 2022 


Linda Brown has stepped down as chair of the Health Ministry Team.  This year the Health Ministry Team will be co-chaired by Cindy Prince and Becca Wolfe.  Our primary focus will be on “service” to our congregation. This means that instead of displaying information about a specific health topic every two months, we will be offering a more personalized approach for your medical concerns. This “service” ministry will include:


  • Answer questions on health related topics

  • Suggest referrals

  • Provide assistance in completing medical/insurance forms

  • If available, provide transportation or accompany an individual to their doctor/therapy appointment in order to clarify the doctor’s recommendations

  • Take blood pressure measurements on the second Sunday of each month after the first service

  • All assistance will be offered confidentially


Members of the Health Ministry Team are:  Linda Brown, Harriet Genzler, Cindy Prince, and Becca Wolfe. 


Please let us know how we can be of “service” to YOU!






The Second Sunday of Every Month Get Your Blood Pressure Checked at Crete UMC


This complimentary service is performed by the CUMC Health Ministry Team on the second Sunday of every month.If you are unable to have your blood pressure checked on the second Sunday of the month, just ask any Health Ministry Team member to check it for you when you are available. 


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