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Church Musician


Job Purpose: To provide instrumental music support as pianist or pianist/organist for worship in the church.

Suggested Hours: 3-6 hours per week 



The Church Musician shall possess a background in music performance with specific knowledge in piano or piano/organ. The Church Musician should also be able to read music.


Job Duties:

  • Play for weekly worship services except those with planned absences.

  • Responsible for choosing prelude, offertory, and postlude music.

  • Play for weddings, funeral/memorial services and special services, including Holy Week and Christmas Eve. (Includes honorarium for weddings and funerals of non-members.)

  • Be relational with the congregation by being available before and after services.

  • Provide updates and reports on the sufficiency and condition if instruments, as needed.

  • Provide suggestions for ordering organ/piano music within budgetary guidelines.

  • Support the development of new musical groups, as appropriate.


Job Specifications:

  • Honor the Christian faith and worship experience.

  • Be proficient as an accompanist on the organ and/or piano.

  • Have knowledge of church and Christian music.

  • Maintain familiarity and competence with all styles of music appropriate with the mission and vision of Crete UMC.

  • Take initiative in seeking ways to enhance the music program.

  • Have good communication and interpersonal skills.

  • Highly collaborative work style and adapts to change easily.

  • Work independently as well as follow directions of supervisor.

  • Proficiency in leading congregational singing is preferred.


Immediate Supervisor: Pastor

Accountability: Senior Pastor is immediate supervisor and ultimate accountability is to Staff Parish Relations Committee.


Annual Salary range from $7,200 - $12,000 depending on skill level.

Email to apply

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