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Come Be Part of the Enduring Strings Program

Start date was September 06, 2022

Beginners-  10 Children per class
Meets Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday from 7:30a- 8:15a

Advanced - 10 children per class
Meets Wednesday, Thursday & Friday- 7:30a- 8:15a

Program runs on CM201U School Schedule and is underwritten by
Suburban Youth Symphony Orchestra

$50 Program Registration Fee

$185 a month Sept/May

Recital Tea will be held on
Saturday, May
20th, 2023

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check out their Blog at

Recital Tea- May 21, 2022

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December 2021
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May 27, 2018 Tea Recital

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All Videos

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A special thank- you to all our young inspiring musicians and their helpers.  We are blessed!

Pictures / Videos from the


Tea Recital- May 27, 2018

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