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Located in downtown Crete, IL.

1321 Main Street


Worship Service is

Sunday mornings at 10 a.m.



Pastor Kristen Larsen


Admin. Assistant: Diane McGarel



Sunday's Sermon


Our Mission

is to be Christ centered, teaching and learning community, dedicated to reaching out to all in a spirit of caring and sharing, a community where growth in Christ inspires us to be joyful sharing people.

Weekly Devotion

On Monday morning, my British husband and I were in front of the TV at 4am in order to watch the funeral of Queen Elizabeth on the BBC. Prior to this, we had watched much of the coverage of the 10 days of mourning observed by the nation.  It was a moving experience to see how deeply loved she was. She had reigned 70 years, the longest monarch on the throne. For the vast majority, she was the only monarch they had ever known; a constant presence in their lives.

As the people struggled to express what she meant to them, you often heard, “It feels like losing a member of your own family. It’s like losing a grandmother. She cared about us.” A high tribute! In her long reign, there were some missteps, but they were few. And the people forgave her because they knew she genuinely cared about them. And she is remembered for her dedication and service to her people, her concern and sense of duty to them.  

In her 21st birthday address, she said, “There is a motto which has been borne by many of my ancestors - a noble motto, ‘I serve’…. I declare before you all that my whole life whether it be long or short shall be devoted to your service and the service of our great imperial family to which we all belong.” On the day of her coronation, in Westminster Abbey, at the age of 26, before she had even sat on the throne, she went to the altar and prayed, giving her allegiance to God before anyone swore allegiance to her.

I was struck by how often the devotion to her faith came up in the TV coverage. It’s a rare thing to hear these days. She was no evangelist, at least not in the way that word is usually (and wrongly) understood. She didn’t talk a lot about Jesus or invite you to accept Jesus into your heart. Instead, she exemplified what a life influenced by Christ looks like. I frequently heard the scripture from Luke 22:24 being used in reference as one “who came not to be served but to serve.” She had often referenced this scripture herself in expressing her understanding of what it meant to follow in Jesus’ footsteps. She led her people by serving them.  

May the same be said about us on the day of own funerals.

Yours in the journey,
Pastor Kristen




MASKS OPTIONAL: The wearing of masks at Crete United Methodist Church is optional. While masks are not required, those more comfortable masked are encouraged to do so. We also ask that if you have not been vaccinated or if you are feeling a bit under the weather, that you personally chose to wear a mask while in the church buildings as a good faith gesture on your part.


SAVE THE DATE: Sunday, December 04, at 3p. for A CHRISTMAS PIANO RECITAL



Next meeting  TBA

Holiday Pumpkins
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Crete UMC hosts an on-line worship sermon that is available on our Facebook page, our YouTube Channel, and can be e-mailed directly to you if you join our e-mail list.

Red Bauble



Paul Blievernicht will play a recital.


The recital will be held on Sunday, December 4th in our Sanctuary at 3pm.


Come and enjoy this special offering of beautifully presented Christmas music. We thank Paul for his musical offering that will help us get into the Christmas spirit.


There is no charge for the event. A freewill offering will be taken to help support our recent building expenses.

The recital will last 45 minutes.

Save the Date:

December 04



August 25, 2022

Before and After School Program


Kathy Carter Young

Director of the Before and After School Program

Email: klcy6000@aol.com  for further information.

Be part of the Enduring Strings Program

Start date: September 06, 2022

Beginners -   10 Children per class
Meets Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday from 7:30a- 8:15a

Advanced -   10 children per class
Meets Wednesday, Thursday & Friday- 7:30a- 8:15a


Enduring Strings 2022.jpeg
Thrift Shop_ 20198_113316.jpg

Thrift Shop

Because we care about you, we will be utilizing best safety practices. Masks are required (one will be provided for you if needed). Plastic gloves and hand sanitizer will be available for your use. Social distancing will be maintained at all times and the number of shoppers and the duration in the store will be limited.

All items are from donations, workers are volunteers, and all profits go to the Crete Methodist Church's Outreach Programs.

Located at Main and North Street, Crete, IL

open Saturdays 9-3p


Online Giving

Secure, reliable, and convenient! Give a one-time gift (no account needed), or schedule recurring giving using your checking account, debit, or credit card. (See our SCHEDULE YOUR GIVING help page, or contact Diane at 708-672-8353, if you have questions!)



Anyone wishing to provide humanitarian assistance to the Ukrainian people in the wake of the Russian invasion of their country may contribute to Advance #982450, UMCOR International Disaster Response and Recovery. This fund will provide direct assistance to those in Ukraine as well as assistance to Ukrainians fleeing to neighboring countries.

The link below connects you directly to NIC's Website

               Bishop Appeal 2022- Ukraine Assistance

Remember to login in first before donating. This way your donation can be added as part of your tax contribuition for your tithe for Crete UMC.   After signing in, click the 3 lines on the left of the top corner of your screen,  choose Home and then search for CUMC in the "find a church" search bar. This will get you in the right place to have your contribution recorded by CUMC for tax purposes.  Thank you.



Lunch Bags


Weekly on Wednesday mornings

from 9:00 a.m. till 11:00 a.m.,

The Crete Food Pantry is giving curbside to Crete Township Residents who are in need a free bag of groceries


1367 Wood Street

Crete, IL 60417

"Even as phase four is taking place, we are bombarded with ”virus” news. Life does go on and many people face unemployment and hard times.  The Crete Pantry is continuing to serve any one who comes for food on Wednesday mornings. This is straining the budget of the Pantry.

If you are able to help financially at this time, your gift will be put to immediate use. Any monetary gift is tax deductible and can be sent to The Crete Pantry, 1367 Wood Street, Crete, Illinois 60417.

Any gift goes directly to help those in our area-helping our neighbors."    -- Donna Allen

Praying Hands

At Crete United Methodist Churchwe realize that there will be times in our lives where problems and circumstances seem overwhelming. It is at these times when we may want to isolate ourselves and hide.

We want you to know that you are not alone!

There are many who share your struggles.  Crete UMC's Spiritual Themes in Recovery (S.T.I.R) helps those who are struggling with the addictions of  Alcohol. S.T.I.R. is designed to provide an opportunity for you to share and interact with others and find encouragement and support that you may need.