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Located in downtown Crete, IL.

1321 Main Street


Worship Service is

Sunday mornings at 10 a.m.



Pastor Kristen Larsen

Admin. Assistant: Diane McGarel

Sunday's Sermon

Our Mission

is to be Christ centered, teaching and learning community, dedicated to reaching out to all in a spirit of caring and sharing, a community where growth in Christ inspires us to be joyful sharing people.

Weekly Devotion

If you’ve been following my weekly devotions, you know that my backyard is something of a wildlife wonderland. As I am writing this, there is a young bunny outside my window. It’s one of this year’s litter and still small and gangly. It’s rolling in the dirt beside the bush to my left. If I opened the window, I could reach out and touch the little guy. A little farther back, on the lawn, there’s an adult bunny munching on clover. I wonder if that’s his mother, keeping an eye on him.

The parsonage we live in is a bi-level home, my office is on the lower level and my desk butts up against the window. So, I often get the chance to see the wildlife up close and personal.

Outside, to my right, is a set of stairs that go up to a lovely outdoor patio. It’s elevated on stilts, so you get onto it by going out the kitchen door on the top floor. There’s a set of stairs hugging the house that go down to ground level and that’s how we usually get to the backyard.

So, lots of my furry friends like to use those stairs. I’ve seen chipmunks and squirrels climbing up and down them – checking to see if there’s some food there, I imagine.

But about a week ago, I looked out my window and could see a pile of poop on one of those stairs, the 2nd stair from the bottom. I must say I didn’t react well. “Who the blazes pooped on those stairs? There’s a whole back yard out there to poop in.”

Why would they do that? Are they marking their ‘territory’?

My husband got on his computer and by the size of the spoor, we figured it had to be one of the raccoons. He quickly rid the stairs of its offending package and we decided that was that.

Then three days later, there was another poop pile – higher up on the stairs. I talked to my buddy, Ed about it. He told me to keep a sharp look out because if racoons somehow get in your house they can do a lot of damage.

We share this good earth with all God’s creatures. The Bible begins by telling us that we are meant to be in relationship – to share community – with the created order. We are to be good stewards of the earth and all that lives on it.

I also thought about Jesus’ words on neighborliness and being a good neighbor. Jesus said that the commandments to love God and to love neighbor go hand in hand. You can’t have one without the other. Does that include all the wildlife in my backyard? We certainly live side by side. We’re neighbors, of a sort.

And I’m thankful for them. Their antics are a gift each day: birds and squirrels, foxes and chipmunks, deer and field mice and ok, even raccoons. These, too, are my neighbors, I suppose.

Jesus says that living in thankfulness to God and good will to others shows that love is truly at the center of our lives.

But I’m having trouble loving this pooping raccoon. Maybe this means God isn’t finished with me yet. But I’ve put that boy on notice. And ’ll be keeping my eye on him.

Yours in the journey,
Pastor Kristen


Upcoming Events

The Thrift Shop will be open this Saturday, July 20th, from 9-3p

The next United Methodist Women’s Club meeting will be held on Monday, August 05th, at 1:30 p.m., in the Narthex. All are welcome to attend.


The Crete Farmers' Market is being held on Monday nights from 4-8p, at the corner of Main and Exchange, rain or shine, all summer long now till August 26th. This Monday, July 22nd will be Christmas in July at the Crete Farmers’ Market. On Monday, July 29 will be art night with the Crete Creative Gallery.


United Methodist Women's Club

will be gathering for their next meeting in the Narthex on Monday, August 05 at 1:30p.

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Crete UMC hosts an on-line worship sermon that is available on our Facebook page, our YouTube Channel, and can be e-mailed directly to you if you join our e-mail list.


Before and After School Program
will resume in the Fall of 2024

Kathy Carter Young

Director of the Before and After School Program

Email:  for further information.


                 Beginners class meets
                        Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday from 7:30a- 8:15a
                           10 children per class

                Advanced Class meets
                          Wednesday, Thursday & Friday from 7:30a- 8:15a
                              10 children per child

                                  Cost: $50 a month per child Sept/May
   Start date was Tuesday, September 05, 2023

              Enduring Strings
scheduling for 2023-2024 School Year

Enduring Strings pic for 2023.jpg

and will resume for the 2024-2025 school year
Dates to be announced

Thrift Shop

All items are from donations, workers are volunteers, and all profits go to the Crete Methodist Church's Outreach Programs.

Located at Main and North Street, Crete, IL

open Saturdays 9-3:00p.m.


Online Giving

Secure, reliable, and convenient! Give a one-time gift (no account needed), or schedule recurring giving using your checking account, debit, or credit card. (See our SCHEDULE YOUR GIVING help page, or contact Diane at 708-672-8353, if you have questions!)



The Pantry is open on Wednesday mornings

from 9:00 a.m. till 11:00 a.m.,

It's only Available to Crete Township Residents

pick up  and drop off of food is at

1367 Wood Street

Crete, IL 60417

To receive, come into the building located at 1367  Wood Street to register. Proof of residency is required. 

"Even as phase four is taking place, we are bombarded with ”virus” news. Life does go on and many people face unemployment and hard times. The Crete Pantry is continuing to serve any one who comes for food on Wednesday mornings. This is straining the budget of the Pantry.

If you are able to help financially at this time, your gift will be put to immediate use. 


Any monetary gift is tax deductible and can be sent to either The Crete Pantry, 1367 Wood Street, Crete, Illinois 60417  or at Crete UMC

If you are dropping off food at the Township, please contact the Crete Food Pantry directly at the Township to make your donation. The Township's Phone number is 708-672-8279 to schedule a time to make your donation. 

Located at 1367 Wood Street
Crete, IL 60417

Praying Hands

At Crete United Methodist Church we realize that there will be times in our lives where problems and circumstances seem overwhelming. It is at these times when we may want to isolate ourselves and hide.

We want you to know that you are not alone!

There are many who share your struggles.  Crete UMC's Spiritual Themes in Recovery (S.T.I.R) helps those who are struggling with the addictions of  Alcohol and is designed to provide an opportunity for you to share and interact with others and find encouragement and support that you may need. To attend, please call

(708) 672-8353 or email


for information

Quick Links


Throughout this pandemic, the mantra of Crete United Methodist Church has been the Wesleyan principal to “Do No Harm.” With this in mind, the Covid Response Leadership team has made the safety and well-being of our members, staff, volunteers, and visitors the single most important priority.

While masks will not be required, those who feel more comfortable masked are invited to do so. We ask, as a good faith effort, that if you have not been vaccinated or if you are feeling a bit under the weather, that you personally chose to wear a mask while in the church buildings.

Worship Services:

Sunday mornings

at 10:00 a.m.

Phone: 708-672-8353


Phone: 708-672-8353


Diane McGarel, Admin Asst.

Office Hours

are Monday thru Friday from 8-1p.  

Office Hours: In-person

Tuesdays, 8-1p

Fridays 8-12p


Calls received during non in-person office hours are forwarded and  answered remotely. Your call is very important to us so if the line is busy please leave a message as Diane, the Office Admin Assistant will return your call as soon as possible.



Located at 1321 Main Street, Crete, IL 60417


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All Rights Reserved.

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