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 Worship Services are Sunday mornings at 10:00 a.m.

We ask that you please wear masks in worship until further notice and practice social distancing.
The ushers will be seating you and attendance will be taken.

There will be no Wednesday evening worship service

during the summer.



What will be different?

• A return to pre-pandemic Summer Worship hours: One service on Sunday, beginning at 10 a.m.. There will be no Wednesday evening worship service during the summer.

• The length of the service will extend to 45 minutes (rather than 30).

• Seating restriction to every other row in the sanctuary will be eliminated. Tape on those pews will be removed. (as of August 08, 2021 we will be resuming to ever other row. An usher will seat you)

• Hymnals and Bibles will be back in the pews for those who wish to use them. We will continue the use of screens. No bulletins will be used.

• On the first Sunday of every month, we will return to receiving Holy Communion up front, with individual, pre-cut bread and individual cups. Servers will wear gloves in the distribution of the elements. Baskets will be placed to return cups prior to returning to your seats.

What will stay the same?

• Attendance will continue to be taken at the entry doors of the church in order to maintain contact tracing.

• We will continue the use of one entrance/exit to the sanctuary.


• Collection of offering will continue to be received in a plate on a table just outside the entrance to the sanctuary.

• We continue with no pencils, envelopes, things to write on or attendance pads in the pews. Please bring what you need with you.

• Directioning decals will remain in place.

• Coffee time before and after worship will not yet resume. We can gather in the parking lot after services.



To protect yourself and others, please do not attend church services if you have a fever or other symptoms.

You will park in the Exchange Street parking lot and enter those doors. No other doors will be accessible. All other areas of the church will be closed.  

Please arrive no earlier than 15 minutes prior to service. The new service format will be approximately 30 minutes in length.
Greeters will meet you prior to entering the doors to greet you warmly.  

          *  A Greeter will record your attendance prior to entering the church. This will also serve for contact tracing, if necessary.

         *  Wearing a mask is required for all those NOT fully vaccinated and those fully vaccinated. Attendance will be  taken at the door for contact tracing.

          *  Masks are required.


Greeters will provide a mask for you if you do not have one and wish to wear one.  Please make sure your mouth and nose stay covered. (A huge word of thanks to Kathleen Pidrak for providing handmade, washable and reusable masks for your convenience.)


6 Foot social distancing is required.  The narthex floor will be marked in order for you (and your party) to maintain the appropriate distance while waiting to be seated by an usher. Please stand on the mark.

Please use the hand sanitizer provided, prior to entering the sanctuary.

A person will be available to take your joys or concerns in the narthex PRIOR to service. You may also email or call Pastor Kristen before the service to have your joys/concerns shared and offered in prayer during worship.  

If you wish, bring your own Bible. The pews will not have hymnals, Bibles, pencils, or paper available.  The worship service is paperless (bring your own paper and pencil if desired).

Screens are located at the front of the sanctuary with words for the service.

The ushers will seat you to ensure social distancing requirements. To maintain appropriate distancing, you will not be able to sit in your normal spot (I’m sorry!) Families will sit together. Please comply with the ushers’ direction.

Restrooms will be single occupancy only (except for parents with small children).

No church school or nursery care will be provided.


Please wait to leave your pew until you are directed to do so. Social Distancing must continue to be  observed.

There will be a designated basket/plate to receive an offering on your exit from sanctuary.

There will be no Coffee Fellowship after services.


The church will be cleaned and sanitized after each service.

If you are diagnosed as positive for Covid-19, please notify the church ASAP.

Our worship services will be videotaped and available on our church website and Facebook page for those who will not be attending.

Yours in the journey,

Pastor Kristen

Church Office: Currently and until further notice, the church office is closed, except for Tuesdays from 8-1p and Fridays from 8-12p. where we now have extended the  in-person office hours. If you need building access, it is best to call the church office @ (708) 672-8353 as your calls to the church during regular office hours (Monday through Friday between 8am - 1pm) are still being answered remotely.  Calls are forwarded to Diane's phone remotely and are answered.  If the line is busy, just leave a message and she'll return the call as soon as possible. Your call is very important to us.

               In-Person Office Hours are Tuesdays, 8-1p  

                                                                    Fridays, 8-12p


Office Hours are Monday- Friday, 8-1p    (708) 672-8353

Want to meet with Pastor Kristen? Please give her a call @ (224) 628-9128 to set up an appointment. She would be happy to meet with you.


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