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Together We Can Change The World

During lent Crete UMC collectively partcipates

in the activities of  Fill the Ark Giving Calendar.  


Each day of this four week calendar includes information about how Heifer International's works to end hunger and poverty in communities around the world.  In the calendar, there is also a daily giving challenge to help guide families to raise funds that will help lift families from poverty to self-reliance. 

Magazine Article from Holiday 2017

An Egg a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

Malnutrition, stunting and frequent illness are common among children in rural Ghana. The Djabas have discovered through a Heifer project that eggs and education might be the cure for what ails them.

Fall 2017

Clever Is Her Name

Being poor her whole life left Buddhi Devi shy and insecure. But thanks to Heifer, she developed a new set of skills that makes her invaluable to her community.

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