26th Annual
Mission /Outreach

 No Contact
Flower & Plant Sale

Crete United Methodist Church

1321 Main Street, Crete, IL 60417

May 19 - 23, 2020


Any questions, please contact Bob Manwaring – (219) 629-3969


If mailing in your order, please on the outside of the envelope mailed to Crete UMC - - write:  Mission Flower Sale

I recommend you contact Bob and let him know an order has been placed.


Click here to email your order directly to Bob Manwaring's Email


Click HERE to download the ORDER FORM


Address ______________________________________________

City ____________________________ State _____ Zip _______

Phone ________________________________________________

All orders must be received by 2 days prior to pick up

If picking up on Tuesday, May 19 - need order by Sunday, May 17
If picking up on Thursday, May 21 – need order by Tuesday, May 19
If picking up on Saturday, May 23-  need order by Thursday, May 21

______ Tuesday, May 19    _______ Thursday, May 21  ______ Saturday, May 23                 

10-2p                                          10-2p                                               10-4p

Please call or email Bob to assure your order has been received and is ready for pick-up. 

Specialty Annuals
$3.50 each (4 inch pots)
Cleome                                Heliotrope

____ Pink                                ____ Deep Purple
____ Violet
____ White                                Gerbera Daisy
Amaranthus                            ____ Orange
____ Tricolor    (Summer Poinsettia)                                             
____ Love Lies Bleeding                        ____ Pink
                                    ____ Red
                                    ____ Tangerine
Double Impatiens                            ____ Yellow
____ Deep Orange                            
____ Lavender
____ Purple                                Sweet Potato Vines
____ Pink
____ Salmon                                ____ Ace of Spades
____ White                                ____ Chartreuse
                                    ____ Tri-color

Accent Plants
$1.75 each (3 ½ inch pots)

____ Spikes                 ____ Vinca Vines        ____ Asparagus Ferns

Make checks payable to Crete United Methodist Church
All orders must be received by 2 days prior to pick-up
My order will be picked up on:

_______ Tuesday, May 19    _______ Thursday, May 21  ______ Saturday, May 23
                  10-2p                                          10-2p                                               10-4p



Orders can be mailed to church  or   e-mailed to Bob Manwaring at                           

Crete United Methodist Church                  hilltop612@sbcglobal.net

Mailing addresss:  please write on envelope: Flower Mission Sale

1321 Main Street
Crete, IL  60417

Remain in your car – Orders will be placed in trunk – No money will be collected at pick-up.

Curbside/ no contact


Full Flats $11.50           Half Flats $6.50
(48 plants per flat)

Impatiens                          Alyssums

____ Red                            ____ White
____ White                            ____ Purple
____ Pink                        
____ Rose                            Dianthus
____ Orange
                                ____ Red/White
Petunias                            ____ Purple/White
                                ____ White
____ Red                            ____ Purple
____ Purple                            ____ Salmon
____ White                        
____ Pink                            Snap Dragons
____ Yellow
                                ____ White
Marigolds                        ____ Pink
                                ____ Yellow
____ Yellow                        ____ Mixed Colors
____ Yellow/Red
____ Orange                        Salvias
____ Giant Yellow
____ Giant Orange                        ____ Red
                                ____ White
Portulaca (Moss Rose)                ____ Purple
                                ____ Mixed Colors
____ Pink
____ Red                            Vinca
____ White
____ Yellow                        ____ Purple
____ Orange                        ____ White
                                ____ Red

Wave Petunias

(Sold in 6 packs only) $9.00

____ Pink           ____Lavender        ____ White          ____ Purple          ____ Red

Hanging Baskets
                                $17.50 each

Wax Begonias                Ivy Geraniums
____ Red Leaf/Red Flowers            ____ Light Pink
____ Red Leaf/Pink Flowers            ____ Purple
____ Green Leaf/Red Flowers            ____ Dark Pink
____ Green Leaf/White Flowers        ____ Burgundy

Impatiens                    Non-Stop Begonias
____ Red                        ____ Apricot
____ White                        ____ Red
____ Orange                    ____ Yellow
____ Violet                        ____ White
____ Mixed Colors

Petunias                    New Guinea Impatiens
____ Blue                        ____ Lavender
____ Purple                        ____ Orange
____ Pink                        ____ Red
____ Red                        ____ White
____ White

12 Inch Combo Baskets     $25.00          
New Guinea Impatiens    Mixed Annuals                        
____ Red                ____ Red        
____ Lavender            ____ Pink                                     
____ White                ____ Yellow                           
____ Orange            ____ Blue/Purple        
14 Inch Combo Baskets  $30.00
____ Red
____ Pink
____ White
____ Salmon
( 1 Gallon Pot ) $7.50 each
____ Red                    ____ White            ____ Pink
____ Violet                                    ____ Salmon

Special Requests
(If you want something that is not on the order form, call me and we’ll see if we can get it and come up with a price)
Bob Manwaring – (219) 629-3969


Click HERE to download the ORDER FORM

mail ORDER FORM to 1321 Main Street, Crete, IL 60417  // attn:  Flower Sale

or email the order form to Bob

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