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Book of Laws

Bible Study on
Women in the Bible
by Author Maria Hoffman PHD

Begins Thursday, November 2, 2023

Discover how women in the Bible respond to challenges, take bold actions, and triumph through adversity.



This is an 8 week Bible Study, beginning November 8th, at 10:00 a. m. in the church's lobby  by author Maria Hoffman, PHD.  


Before each session, we recommend, you watch the videos by Marina.  Click HERE  to watch.

Each video is only 6-7 minutes long and it is very beneficial to watch before each class session.   


Cost is $20 per book and is  available by calling Diane in the church office: 708-672-8383. 

8 Sessions beginning November 2nd till

No class on November 23, 2023- Holiday- Thanksgiving

No class

Session 1: Thursday November 2nd- Sarah and Hagar (Genesis 16)
Session 2: November 16-                     Tamar (Genesis 38)
Session 3: November 16-                     The Midwives (Exodus 1)
no class on November 23-

Session 4:  November 30                       Rahab (Joshua 2)
Session 5:                                                  Naomi and Ruth (The Book of Ruth)
Session 6:                                                 Hannah (1 Samuel 1–2)
Session 7:                                                 Esther (The Book of Esther)
Session 8:                                                  Mary, Mother of Jesus (Luke

Marina introduces each chapter by sharing how the Bible story has personally impacted her and taught her about God, how we can all relate to these stories, and how God used each story to inspire Marina and give her hope at “just the right moment” through the trials and joys of her life.

Each weekly video is 6 to 7 minutes ad-free.

Click Here to watch introductional videos

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